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Glendale History
  • The first apparent use of the name Glendale was the Glendale Grange formed in 1896.

  • In 1902, William Harold Baumert named his dairy the Glendale Farm Dairy. This dairy was on the southeast corner of Quebec and Leetsdale… thus, the term Glendale was used to describe the community. 

  •  In 1859, the Territorial Road came down Cherry Creek Valley past the Four Mile House and through Glendale.

  • The Four Mile House was one of the stage stops along the road, becoming a way station for freight wagons and a stock ranch.

  • Independent dairies were prevalent in Glendale beginning in the late 1880s.

  • In the 1920’s, the property at the northeast corner of Virginia Avenue and Colorado Blvd. was purchased; in 1933, a retail beer license was applied for and granted.

  • A fossil was found in 1937 in the sands of the bed of Cherry Creek -- the first evidence of prehistoric animals. Later that year, an upper molar of a mammoth was found and donated to Denver’s Museum of Natural History. 

  • In 1948, the last horse-drawn milk wagon was retired at City Park Dairy.

  • January 8, 1952 was the date of the original filing for incorporation of the Town of Glendale. The first Organizational Meeting of the Trustees of the Town of Glendale was held May 20, 1952 at 7:30 pm at 690 South Colorado Blvd. What was the reason to organize in 1952 with no money, no employees, no rent, no reports, no hearings, and no unfinished business?  It was fear of a giant – fear of Denver's annexation – fear of the loss of independence. The citizens wanted their voices to be heard.

  • The first Budget was developed in 1954.

  • In May 1960, the Town was authorized to purchase vehicles to be used by the Marshal and Deputy Marshal.

  • In August 1960, a meeting was held to form the Glendale Volunteer Fire Department.

  • The first Magistrate Court was being held by December of 1960 in a home, and a clerk was receiving a salary.

  • In October of 1962, the Town of Glendale leased space in the new building at 999 South Clermont Street from the Glendale Water and Sanitation District.

  • The citizens voted in August of 1967 to impose a sales tax to be used for town expenditures.

  • Glendale voted to adopt a home rule type of government in March of 1972.

  • In 1974, the first paid Glendale firemen were hired.