Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has seven members, consisting of two Council members appointed to serve as ex-officio members and five non-Council members. All members must be registered electors in the City. The terms of the ex-officio members expire at each organizational meeting of the Council. The terms of three of the five non-Council members should expire in the same year, and each of the two other members in other years (i.e., three in 2015, one in 2014, and one in 2016). Any vacancy during the unexpired term of a member must be filled by Council appointment for the remainder of the term.

Fill out the Application for Appointment to Planning Commission (PDF) and send it to City Clerk, City of Glendale, 950 South Birch Street, Glendale, CO 80246.


NameTerm AppointedTerm Expires
Dario Katardzic - City Council, ex-officio member
Michael Dunafon - City Council, ex-officio member
Elizabeth Bonney4/20184/2021
Kyle Schwenn9/20194/2021
Josh Bushner1/20174/2020
Deona Braack9/20194/2021
Tyler Mintz4/20184/2021