We need your help to keep Cherry Creek clean for fish, wildlife, and recreation. As you walk or drive down the street, you may notice drains covered with grating in the curbs and gutters; these are part of Glendale's storm drain system. Glendale's storm drain system, which includes inlets, curbs, gutters, and ditches, drains storm water and snow-melt runoff from streets directly into Cherry Creek. Stormwater is not treated before it is discharged into the Creek, so it is important to keep all pollutants, such as trash, oil, gasoline, and paint out of Glendale's storm drain system.

Glendale has several programs to help keep stormwater runoff free of pollutants:

  • public education and outreach;
  • public participation;
  • illicit discharge detection and elimination;
  • construction site runoff control;
  • post-construction runoff control; and
  • pollution prevention and good housekeeping.

The City of Glendale's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program Description Document is publicly available for review and comment.

Public Education & Participation

Glendale understands that the public can be an integral part of their stormwater program and has developed several helpful brochures and offers a household hazardous waste collection program. 

The following videos provide ways you can help to reduce stormwater pollution:

Below are helpful infographics and brochures:

  • SPLASH Infographic - Dog Waste Poster
  • After the Storm: A Guide for Businesses and Other Private Property Owners
  • Clear Choices for Clean Water: Caring for Your Lawn and Garden
    • This brochure describes how to maintain a healthy lawn and help water quality at the same time.
  • Clear Choices for Clean Water: Managing Your Construction Site
    • This brochure explains how best management practices can prevent erosion on a construction site.
  • Clear Choices for Clear Water: Managing Your Household Wastes
    • This brochure describes the types of household hazardous wastes and how to properly dispose of them.

And check out SPLASH for even more great information!


Arapahoe County SPLASH

Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners