Trash Collection

Residential Trash

Trash removal services at your home, condominium, or apartment are usually provided by private companies. Trash needs to be in an approved, secure trash container, which some trash companies will provide for a small fee. Trash containers should be stored in the garage or backyard or properly screened in the rear side yard out of view of the adjacent street. Since programs vary between companies, check with your trash hauler for information on recycling with your trash pick up.

These companies may also provide recycling pickup from your home.

Pet Waste

Pet waste is biodegradable but contains bacteria that can cause illness. Rain and sprinkler runoff carry the bacteria across lawns, into gutters, down storm drains, and into local creeks. Water in storm drains is not treated to remove bacteria harmful to people and the environment.

When walking your dog, always carry supplies to pick up after your pet. The City of Glendale has partnered with PooFree Parks to provide plastic bags at all parks.


The City of Glendale is committed to the concept of recycling and pays for recycling containers at many of its complexes, such as Cedar Pointe Condominiums, the Cherry Creek Club Apartments, and Kentucky Ridge Townhouses. There are several recycle bins in Infinity Park for the use of visitors to the park and Municipal Center.

Earth 911 is an excellent source for less waste.