• Police Chief's hat and dress gloves in front of flag
  • Chief Haskins and live bald eagle ready to land on shoulder
  • Police Can-Am Spyders
  • Officer with Rugby ball in front of elevation sign at 5280
  • Old Police cars
  • Group with Can-Am
  • Alternative vehicle
  • officer going down stairs on bike
  • Officer Loar on a children's rocking horse
  • 30+ years ago 12 officers
  • 2017 picture of most in the police department
  • Old Mine Company where Elvis came for a sandwich which is now an big building
  • very old photo of three dispatchers shooting revolvers
  • Officer practicing shooting while laying on their backs on the floor
  • shoot range
  • more officers at the shooting range
  • Officers training at Cherry Creek mall with shields
  • Lt. with rifle
  • training for riot control with officers in line formation
  • officers doing push ups
  • GPD Color Guard at a Rockies Game
  • McGruff the crime dog
  • Chief Haskins
  • Police officer on the Can-Am type motorcycle with kids trying on helmet
  • The chief and 4 officers with coffee and donuts, waiting to visit with the public
  • Deer in front of municipal hall
  • One of the GPD communications terminals

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