Infinity Park


Glendale, CO 80246

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Moore, Travis Technical Producer 303-248-7104  
Martinson, Aaron Director of Production 303-248-7101  
Coleman, Jordan Event Manager    
Rebennack, Andrew Event Manager 303-248-7119  
Hammon, Andie Youth Rugby 303-639-4713  
Strickler, Colton Social Media Manager 303-639-4419  
Bullock, Mark Directory of Rugby 303-639-4710  
Obie, Kathleen Director of Business Development & Sales 303-248-7106  
Galvin, Michael Stadium Producer 303-547-4325  
Hoff, Michael Stadium Operations Manager 303-639-4415  
Nelson, Kieran Director of Stadium Operations 303-639-4609  
Purdy, Justin Design and Brand Manager 303-639-4413  
Tom, Peter Account Sales Executive 303-248-7120  
Wilber, James Assistant Stadium Operations Manager 303-639-4604  
Acosta, Bella Marketing Assistant 303-693-4416