Snow Removal

The City of Glendale takes great pride in providing safe and efficient snow and ice removal operations. Our goal is to clear snow covered streets and restore safe driving conditions as soon as possible following winter snowfalls. The City of Glendale recognizes the importance of maintaining passable streets for emergency vehicles and the general public.

Snow Plows & Procedures

Because of Colorado's changeable weather, Glendale has its sanding and plowing fleet ready to go in September. We have one sanding truck and eight plowing trucks. A typical snowy winter requires us to use about 98 tons of sand in order to make the streets safe and passable. Our fleet is on call 24 hours a day during the snow season. We respond as quickly as possible to keep Glendale's streets clear for safety and ease of travel during and after a snowstorm event. Please remember that the street department keeps the streets clean and free of snow, but sidewalk snow removal is the building owner's responsibility.

Snow is generally plowed from the center of the street outward toward the outer edge of the driving surface. Some streets may be plowed from one side of the street to the other. In commercial areas where boulevard space is limited, snow is sometimes plowed to the center of the street to be hauled away at a later time.

Snow is plowed to the edge of the street and may impact sidewalks, driveways, and other boulevard features. The City of Glendale recognizes the inconvenience that comes from accumulation of snow on sidewalks and driveways. However, those concerns must be secondary to the benefits of cleaning the streets in an efficient and timely manner. The City of Glendale is not responsible for removing snow from private driveways and sidewalks.


The City of Glendale prohibits unauthorized people from plowing, shoveling, blowing, or placing snow into public road ways.

City snow plow trucks and equipment are required to stop and back up during plowing operations. The operator's vision is often hampered by equipment and weather conditions. The driving public is expect to provide a sufficient buffer space between their vehicle and City of Glendale snow/ice removal equipment.

The City of Glendale does not have a bare pavement policy. However, whenever practical, city forces will remove sufficient snow/ice to provide safe and reliable traction for vehicles. It is acceptable and expected, under the parameters of this policy, that during large snow events snow pack might remain on the driving surface.


The City of Glendale does require all property owners remove snow from the sidewalks within 24 hours of snow fall. When sidewalks are covered in snow, pedestrians tend to walk in the streets, seeking a clear path and creating a dangerous situation.